Yet another review at PDH is ‘ridiculous’

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says Portland District Health undertaking yet another review into service delivery at the hospital is “ridiculous”.

Last week, PDH issued a press release stating it was taking an important step in “its year of review and discovery” by commissioning TAG Health to support the development of a new strategic plan.

“What the Hillis Report made abundantly clear was that there should be no more reviews until the recommendations of the report were implemented,” Ms Britnell said.

“We don’t need another review to develop a strategic plan and the people of Portland certainly don’t need a ‘year of review and discovery’.

“The Hillis Report sets out what steps need to be taken to provide sustainable service delivery at PDH into the future. The board and government just need to get on and implement the report’s recommendations.”

PDH is now undertaking two reviews, with a concurrent review into maternity services looking at alternative models.

“What we need are actions, but instead the Portland community is faced with time and taxpayer money being wasted on more reviews,” Ms Britnell said.

“Meanwhile, we are no closer to know if or when birthing services will return, if ophthalmology services will ever come back or what the future actually looks like for Portland District Health.

“This is being sold as an exciting way for the community to be involved in the implementation of the Hillis Report. But the community just wants its services returned. That involves action, not more time-wasting reviews.”

Ms Britnell has called on new Minister for Health Mary-Anne Thomas to prioritise visiting Portland as soon as possible to meet with patients impacted by the closure of services at PDH and get a better understanding of the impacts on the community.

“The previous Health Minister snubbed the Portland community, refusing to meet with people affected by the closure of services at PDH,” she said.

“I hope the incoming Minister takes a more transparent approach.”

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