Zero to Landfill – a visionary policy to fix Victoria’s recycling crisis

Member for South West Coast Roma Britnell says the Victorian Liberal Nationals are serious about fixing Victoria’s recycling and waste management crisis.

She welcomed the announcement of a policy that will see a Michael O’Brien led Government that will divert household waste from landfill and use it to create low emissions energy.   

“Our policy will transform the way we deal with waste in Victoria. It’s a vision for a cleaner, greener state,” Ms Britnell said.

“Earlier this year in the wake of the crisis where recycling from Moyne and Glenelg shires was being sent to landfill – I sent a survey asking local residents if they were concerned about the state of Victoria’s recycling system.  

“I received an unprecedented response and the vast majority said something needed to be done to improve waste management in this state.  

“We’ve listened to that feedback and developed this policy to put on the record what we are going to do to fix this mess while Daniel Andrews and Labor continue to flounder.”

Ms Britnell said the Liberal Nationals have a plan for waste management, while Daniel Andrews and Labor continue to sit on their hands while Victoria’s recycling and waste management system is in crisis.

“Our plan is a one of action, which uses money in the Sustainability Fund to do what it was intended for – develop ways to improve waste management for the benefit of the environment,” she said.

“This is a plan that is about doing the right thing, a plan which uses will use proven modern technology to help tackle our environmental challenges and generate clean energy.

“It’s a plan for a greener Victoria, to protect our environment for future generations.”

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